School Bags For Boys MAIYAAN

We are the Pioneer & only official school bag brand of Pakistan with manufacturing ability

Pakistan is known for its youth population in the world and has an estimated population of 220 million. According to 2016-17 statistics on education data compiled by Academy of Educational Planning and Management (AEPAM), there are 51.53 million children who are between the age of 3 to 16 and needs to be in school. There is no official data on this in 2020 but surveys suggest that these numbers are much higher now. Beside such staggering numbers, we do not had many branded backpacks for school to cater the required need in the market. The demand was huge for the new school bag but options to buy good quality bag were extremely limited.

Everyone in the market was selling China made bags which were of extremely poor quality and parent had no alternatives but to buy them. These bags would not last any longer than few months. At this point, we realized the lack of good quality bags that was needed to be fulfilled. Considering the need for the kids school bags brand, Maiyaan decided to become the first and only school bag brand of Pakistan. We offer a complete range of school bag whether parents want to buy school bags for boys, school bags for girls or baby school bag. Not only we manufacture our own bags to ensure the top notch quality, but we also give our customers warranty of 1 full year on all of our school bag. Maiyaan is growing very fast and becoming quite popular in our target audience day by day due to high range of product range and noticeably trolley school bags

Lack of kids school bags industry in Pakistan beside our capability to compete with China

Pakistan has proven itself consistently for decades in many sectors of the industry due to their highly skilled workforce capabilities and pure work commitments. Whether its sports good industry, textile sector or some other, they have not only competed with China but also with rest of the world. They have been offering their products at relatively fair price along with unmatched quality. But unfortunately, when we talk about manufacturing of backpacks for school then statistics are not good enough. There are not many big names that pop up in our mind who produce beautiful school bags in Pakistan. Big chunk of small school bags are imported from China. They have flooded majority of the small school bags range to trolley school bags in Pakistan by taking up the opportunity of undiscovered industry. Street shops and shopping malls are overflowing with low standard China made kids school bags.

The worst part is that most buyers cannot judge the quality of the school bag. For example, parent who wants to buy boys backpack will find very attractive bags with high bright colours and 3D outer shell but at the same time substandard in quality. The ratio of customer satisfaction is very low while there is no warranty of the bag at all. Yet both parents and children are compelled to buy these bags as there is no other solution. Now this monopoly is being broken down since Maiyaan has launched their presence in the school bag industry. We have extensive choice of both school bags for boys and school bags for girls to choose from as per their desire. The ease of purchasing Maiyaan bags is very high as we are just clicks away to deliver our bags to your doors.

Maiyaan with manufacturing ability of school bags in Pakistan that no other brand offers

Maiyaan has a vast experience in manufacturing school bag in Pakistan. We have been in the children school bag industry from the past 13 years. We are the largest backpack manufacturer in Pakistan with multiple awards under our belt. We have multiple manufacturing units with workforce of more than 2,000 along with capability of producing more than 10,000 backpacks for girls or backpacks for men per day. From design sketching to patterns creation and cutting to stitching, everything is done inhouse to ensure the quality of each prospect. Each bag is thoroughly inspected and has to pass through from multiple quality tests before being served to the customer. These quality tests include seam test, handle jerk test, mileage test for trolley school bags in Pakistan along with many other.


Our materials are also tested and high quality. They do not contain any harmful chemical and are non-PVC. We also ensure that our material do not cause any type of allergic reaction to any one as safety of our customers are top priority. We also contribute to ecofriendly environment by only using recycle materials. Due to our unrivalled expertise and resources, we are heavily emerging as high quality manufacturer of branded school bags in Pakistan. All of our bags are made according to the customer requirement as we believe in value innovation. Our complete range of online school bags in Pakistan is available on our official website ( We provide delivery services throughout in Pakistan. Payments can be made through bank credit cards or if that is not possible that we also provide COD (cash on delivery) services where customer can pay for their order upon receiving them. We will be happy to assist you for any further information, please email us at or contact us at +92 345 6249226.

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