Maiyaan products are rigorously tested to ensure that the brand that you trust meet stringent standards. Your purchase comes with a limited one year warranty. For details, open terms and conditions.

Terms and Conditions



Determine the maximum force to seam rupture of finished bags. The maximum force should be more than a minimum standard force. For instance for most materials minimum standard is 250N.

Jerk test:

Determine the durability of whole construction as well as the handle seam strength of back pack and case under the defined load, jerk test is perform. For instance a bag shoulder should withstand 500x jerks. 

Mileage test:

Determines the abrasion resistance of wheels as well as the durability of whole case luggage construction by running the trolleys a specific distance and speed, filled with a defined load onto the treadmill with obstacles.

Printing test:

Checks whether the adhesive strength between printing and material surface is sufficient. We perform following tests for printing durability. It insures that printing is not damaged after rough use. 

Migration test:

Determines the risk of dye migration when material comes in contact with another material. Specific Humidity and temperature variations are done for a defined time and then tested. 

Aging test:

Determines the quality of bag after being used for one year. The test is done by placing the finished bag at high temperature and humidity for a week. 



Textile Fabric:

Fabric is the main and basic component of bag. The performance and quality of bag is better if the fabric quality is better. Tear strength, Seam strength, Abrasion Resistance, Light fastness, Color fastness and Artificial Aging of all fabrics are tested.


Webbing is a strong fabric, woven as a flat strip or tube of varying width and fibers. The Tensile Strength, Color fastness and Light fastness are tested.

Velcro Tests:

Velcro are used for closing different parts of the bag.The tests include Fresh Adhesion Strength of dry and wet Velcro, Color and Light Fastness.

Plastic Components Testing:

For better quality and performance of buckles, hooks, clips, rings and bottom studs, Tensile Strength and Corrosion tests are done. 


Zip is a very crucial part of the bag that can cause problems in quality if not rightly used. To ensure only high quality zips are used, Twist Resistance of puller is checked and  breaking torque strength is measured. Traversal strength of zipper, Reciprocating test, Color Fastness and Light fastness test are also done to ensure high overall quality.

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